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Dwell in Protection

But the Lord is worthy of trust; he will make you firm and guard you from the Evil One.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 (CJB 2016)

What have you gone through so far in this year that has tried your faith? Have you grieved and experienced tremendous pressure like none other? Perhaps you have had no personal sorrow, but what of the heartache we witness daily in our country from sea to shining sea? Has the world gone mad? You may doubt that God is amid these things, but He is, and He will lead us to victory! We must follow Him and lay at His feet to worship and hear His still voice of wisdom. These directives are not optional for us; instead, they are vital now more than ever.

When circumstances seem to surround you with fear, don’t lose heart. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world. Take hold of God’s hand of mercy, and don’t let go! He is your shelter from harm if you will run to him for cover. We are in a time of judgment, for indeed, innocent blood cries out for justice. You are in a time for true soul searching to know where you are in God and what He asks of you. The Lord calls out to you to come close and discover what you need most. His presence will heal you and seal you with His love and protection from fear.

Our Father removes the stony hearts of men to replace them with hearts of tenderness. He can change false thinking and ungodly attitudes to bring us out of past ordeals and pain. Jesus wants you as His very own, and He wants to belong to you as your very own. Do not let this month slip by you without believing and genuinely saying, “I am for my Beloved, and my Beloved is for me.” May Jesus always be for you, your first love.

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