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Build an Altar of Praise

David took a harp and played it with his hand; so Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would leave him. 1 Samuel 16:23 (AMP)

We are born to bring glory to our Father God. That’s why every person has an inherent propensity toward praise. Thunderous applause comes easy at political rallies and rock concerts. Football fans fill stadiums with their bodies and their cheers! We ooh and aah over babies and enthusiastically say “yes to the dress.”

God created us for praise. Everything the Lord has for us, the world will highjack. Jesus warned us that the devil is a thief. He hates your recognition of the Lord and will steal it for himself. How does he do that? Simple diversion is very effective. Instead of putting on worship music in your car, turn on the country station, easy listening, or even heavy metal. Distraction is a subtle weapon in his arsenal, but much power lies in it. When you build an altar of praise to the lesser things of the world, you will find it hard to overcome the evil in this world.

Genuine praise emerges from your love relationship with Christ. Without it, you will practice a cheap imitation of what is real. Angels come, and devils flee when you worship God in spirit and truth. Build an altar of praise to God that you can stand on by tearing down the altars that have no intrinsic value to your soul. Make your car a sanctuary of glory, fill your house with worship music, and live a life of gratitude. It’s incredible how our atmosphere changes when we raise our voice of praise.


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