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Jesus Is Your Righteousness

For I know that although they are deeply devoted to God, they are unenlightened (Romans 10:2).

Is it possible to sincerely devote yourself to God and yet not know Him? Can you dutifully read your Bible, and find your dedicated spot on the pew every Sunday bereft of any genuine connection with God? Yes, it is possible.

People believe in fantasies. They spend money to enjoy them and dress up in clothes to act out their whims. Clubs and societies form around unrealities that join people of the same mindset. A sense of fellowship with others due to a common outlook on life gives birth to a shared identity regardless if its foundation is fiction.

Jesus is not only a historical person but also a living Lord. He paid the highest price for you, His precious blood. The question is, do you want Him to buy you? If so He owns you, including all your debts and shortcomings. All you are is His, and all of Him is yours. He is your righteousness, your peace, and joy!

Jesus is a real person, but could He be only a fantasy to you? Yes, you can search the scriptures and overlook Him. You can live a well-behaved and honorable life lost in a daydream. Eternal life is to connect and experience the one and only true God and to know and understand Jesus Christ as the Son whom God sent.

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