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Expect A Turnaround

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you (Romans 16:20).

We sing the familiar tune “Silent night, holy night all is calm, all is bright as Christmas approaches. December days are short, and its nights are long. Many people find this month to be the darkest of all months. December invites us to enter a new level of trust and rest in the Lord.

Frosty mornings remind us that Jesus is our security blanket. He wraps us up in his kindness, as the love of so many around us grows cold. Jesus never leaves or forsakes us. How can we know his love deeper and experience his light clearer? In the darkest night, His light shines the brightest.

If you are afraid, fear not. The Lord is in the midst of you to help you. He will turn your weeping into joy. He will give you the victory over every evil. Yes, the days are short in December, but in the heart of the month after the winter solstice, there is a turnaround, and the days become longer. Don’t let the devil steal your faith. Amidst the night; there is a promise in Christ of a new day.

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