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Magnificent Sons

…and the house that is to be built for the LORDmust be exceedingly magnificent (1Chronicles 22:5).

The House of God is magnificent. The Lord puts the solitary into families. When you surrender your life to Christ, He plants you into His house. Growing up in the Father’s House will cleanse you of idolatry. The idols in your life are very familiar and are as close to you as your right hand. When you go through a fiery trial do not think it’s strange or that your Father has forgotten you. He is looking right at you with eyes of compassion consuming the idol that you lean on instead of Him.

God builds His House with sons who are stable and secure in His love and provision. He knows where you belong and He has a place for you to thrive not merely survive. There is a place for you in the Father’s House where you can be part of something greater than yourself.

The Lord puts the solitary into families. He blesses His children to lead prosperous and productive lives to become warriors that not only defeat their enemies but rule over them. Jesus says come and His bride says come; come into the House of the Lord and prosper. God has two families one in heaven and one on earth. Your life changes once you unify with true believers who desire both to know God as their Father and their selves as sons.

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