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Godliness Gives You An Advantage

Godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come (Tim. 4:8).

Speaking to His followers, Jesus said: “in this world, you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” No one can live in this world without experiencing suffering and intense pressure. Christ followers have a definite advantage over the weight of this world. Jesus lifts heavy burdens off our shoulders by giving us insight and wisdom to change things. In Him, we can see a path to move forward by His light within us, which guides us through every dark situation. Our part is to listen to his still small voice within us. He speaks we trust and obey.

To trust and obey God sounds easy but for most humans, it is challenging. God is invisible, and so is His kingdom. You must rely on the Holy Spirit who is within rather than outside of you. The world programs you to trust your five senses and to act upon them. What you can’t physically see or touch, or audibly hear unfortunately remains unreal to you. Relying on your understanding blocks your soul from God’s love and guidance. Your ignorance of God’s ways and thoughts damages your soul.

Religion as a form of godliness cannot change or heal you. For the most part, it is pretentious and leads to self-righteousness and self-absorption. Neither can it lead you out of the pain of this world. Ungodliness, no matter how you dress it up, allures you into darkness destroying not only the soul but your spirit and body as well. But godliness working within you by the Holy Spirit has the power to make you an overcomer in this world. Godliness prospers you in every way both in this world as well as the next.

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