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Are You A Busybody?

Let none of you suffer as… a busybody in other men's matters (1 Pet. 4:15).

Is knowing everybody’s business one of your guilty pleasures in life? Do you have an irresistible urge to ask questions of people that are of no real concern to you? Do you take it on yourself to give people unwanted advice? Do you gain satisfaction by involving yourself in other people’s problems? Does it thrill you to reveal the personal dramas being played out in your community? You could be a busybody if you meddle in the affairs of others.

When you're responsible for someone, you are rightfully involved in that person’s life. If someone invites your help and counsel and yields to your appointed sphere of influence, you are not meddling in their life. If God has assigned you to help certain individuals, your motivation will be pure. But self-gain motivates a person who interferes. You are seeking information for your use. You may be lonely and have too much time on your hands trolling Facebook or finding the latest gossip to tote to someone else.

Busybodies suffer because they have little joy in their lives. Interfering with another person’s problem may delay or hamper God's work in them. No one can have peace hindering the will of God. Let things fall out with people. If you allow people to reap the consequences of their sin rather than stepping in to solve their dilemma they will gain a valuable lesson. Gossip accompanies the meddler, and it helps no one. It creates hell in a community. Satan is a slanderer! If you belong to Christ tale-bearing has no place in your life. Be careful little ears what you hear and keep your nose to yourself.

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