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The Year of the Lord’s Favor

The favor of God is beautiful and like grace it is given freely. You cannot earn it or butter- up God to access it. Checking off the box of church attendance or daily devotional readings are futile attempts to merit it. God’s favor is His endorsement of your choice to participate in His divine plan for your life. Favor is God’s stamp of approval on you.

Favor is like the dew that appears when no rain has fallen. It signifies that He is with you, and He has not forgotten you when times get tough. Look around you who’s for you and not against you? Discover people that have separated themselves from the world and unite with them for within God’s household is His beauty.

God wants to take you places not alone but with others for He sets the solitary in families. God’s favor is in His people fathered together for his purpose. He clears you for takeoff when you fly united. Fasten your seat belts because the ride is bumpy but His favor will see you through.

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