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Oh Well

Jesus said, “Whoever drinks from the water that I will give him… will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life (John 4:14).”

Jesus Christ sat down by a well one day and spoke to a lady from the well of His spirit. Out of the depths of His love, he told her things she wanted to hide from Him and herself. He also revealed to her who He was, an eternal source of truth indeed a fountain of life. She drew from an unexpected well, a source of pure friendship and eternal life. That day Jesus changed her life forever. She left her small pail behind to share her encounter with God to all who would hear her. She became a source of living water as her witness of Christ sparked the transformation of her town.

Wells are sources of life, but they also can be things from which death springs. There are wells of blessings and of curses. God provided a well to Hagar of the Old Testament, but she was unable to see it. She had been drinking from her own well of fear and discouragement too long and was blinded to the blessing right in front of her. The Lord opened her eyes and seeing the well she revived herself from death.

Jesus sat down by Jacob’s well. What are the names of the wells you sit by? Are they wells of righteousness or wells of shame? Are they wells of strife or peace, of poverty or prosperity? From which do you gain strength to carry on and from which do you delight? Go deep and consider the fountains of life right before you. God has put them there for you, sources of wisdom and truth that you can turn to for blessing. And last but not least there is a well deep within you for in Christ is your hope of glory. Dive in and drink up!

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