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I Can Only Imagine

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord… Noah walked with God

(Gen. 6:8-9).

What does it take to discover and fulfill your divine purpose in this life? How can you know what God’s good pleasure is for you? Is it a matter of memorizing scripture and making sure you don’t miss your morning devotional reading? Or perhaps if you just try hard to be a good person and do the right thing you will make it into the Christian Hall of Fame.

Noah was an ordinary man living in a very corrupt society. But the one thing Noah did that made all the difference in his life and that of his family is that he learned the secret of walking with God. He like his great-grandfather, Enoch, had a love relationship with God. His righteous life came out of a desire to know God by spending time with Him. It was through this kind of fellowship that Noah was able to build a ship that in essence saved mankind.

I usually go for a walk each morning. My dog goes crazy and greets me with excitement when I set out the door. He wants to walk with me, but he only makes it halfway. He goes off somewhere in the woods and then returns when I make it back home. In truth, I like the time alone because Jesus who is with me stays the course. I can walk and talk with Jesus through the imagination of my mind. I don’t want anything, and I am not checking off a box of obligation I desire to be with Him.

In the time of the flood, the imaginations of the hearts of men were continually evil. The flood came to cleanse the earth to give humanity a new beginning. May we open the floodgates of our hearts and allow Him to wash us daily. He will provide us with a pure heart to see Him, to love Him and to walk with Him! All that He desires for us to accomplish in His name we will do for in His eyes we found grace.

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