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Power In Weakness

And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness (Romans 8:26).

Anybody want to give a shout out for his or her weaknesses? A show of strength we get but a show of weakness that’s just not acceptable. Most of us want to be thought of as strong given that people will hold us in low esteem if we appear to be weak. As always the seducing doctrines of men hold us captive for in reality when we are weak, then we are strong.

Jesus lovingly responded to Apostle Paul that His power is made perfect in weakness. His grace will see us through any circumstance or hardship if we call upon him, acknowledging our inability, to gain His ability. So where does “grit your teeth and bear it” and “keep a stiff upper lip” have a stronghold in your life? Give it the boot quickly and humble yourself to find the help you need to overcome.

Rebellion says “ look at me I’m strong,” but Christ says, “look at me because I am your strength, the author, and finisher of your faith.” Holy Spirit is our helper so don’t block Him from helping you. And when someone comes along to say “let me help you” don’t turn that person down for he may be heaven sent.

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