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Align to the Divine

God faithfully keeps his promises. He called you to be partners with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord (1 Corinthians 1:9 GW).

God invites you into partnership with His son Jesus Christ. Incredible joint participation with Christ summons all humanity. Whoever may step into this communion is set for eternity to know God and His son Jesus. The Lord wants to bring you out of your past to bring you into His promise, your defining purpose on earth. You are meant to be God’s collaborator in the ongoing work of His creation.

Jesus showed us through His humanity what we could be during our stay on earth. We like Him should be part of the “family business” with our heavenly Father at the helm. Amazements never cease when we are in partnership with God. Taking ownership in God’s business positions you for His favor on your life. As you move towards the advancement of His kingdom, you will face many tests and trials. Prepare yourself for obstacles but also understand that your struggles to overcome will increase your faith and expand God’s anointing in your life. You will know God intimately with great affection. Your battles become the vehicle of which you will know God as the healer, provider, and victory over all your enemies.

How can you know God and His son Jesus? You will never know Him imprisoned in your false identify of past failures and sin. You must come out of the old to go into the new. Make the transition in your heart and judge yourself worthy of eternal life. Seek the rule of His government in your life and follow His righteous instructions and you will discover the true you and a life that you once thought was “too good to be true.”

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