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The Secret Garden

My sweetheart, my bride, is a secret garden, a walled garden, a private spring (Song of Solomon 4:12GNT).

Whatever revelation God shows you, the word He speaks that brings clarity, and the dream He gives you that seems impossible plant them all in the garden of your heart. Watch their growth as you water, take care, and tend them in the presence of the Master Gardener, Jesus your Lord. Maturity in your life and change in your circumstances will emerge as you cultivate an inward life with Christ.

You can learn how to create such a garden in your heart if you have such a desire. We learn by training and practicing. If you can feel the presence of the Lord as you worship Him in church or ministry, you can develop that same sense of worship in your private life. If you desire it, you will pursue it.

God can make the wilderness within you like Eden and your desert His garden. As you submit to His loving demands and seek His face daily, you will grow. When you place Him first in your life over all things, and people you will change and your thoughts will stabilize, and your behavior will follow suit. The key to all change is commitment.