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“Only God Can Make A Tree”

They will be called Oaks of Righteousness, the Plantings of the LORD, so that he might display his glory. (Isaiah 61:3 GW)

God has a thing for trees. In fact, when He established the earth He first planted trees. Plants and fruit trees came before humanity or any living creature. God’s people could kill human lives in warfare but not the life of a tree. After all, enemies could run, but trees remain rooted in the ground.

Humans should be more like trees. Rooted in the ground and useful yet beautiful. Cut back they suffer yet rebounding in more strength. Trees serve as landmarks for the lost and shade for the weary. They are faithful to find generation after generation. They stand in the swelter of drought and survive the sweep of winter’s blast. They remain fruitful in old age.

God’s people are to be trees of righteousness. The oak tree begins as an insignificant acorn yet grows to glory. Such oaks show off His character. They are steadfast and reliable. When the storm ends, the tree remains though battered and torn the inward life of a tree refuels and renews for recovery.

Without trees life as we know it would be impossible. In fact, for human life to thrive the ecosystem of which trees contribute is imperative. They came first to show us, humans, how important we are to God. For it was on a tree that our Lord Jesus shed His precious blood to redeem us from our sins and make us like Him.

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