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Behold A Son

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus (Gal.3: 26).

Do you consider yourself a true son of God? If you say, “I am a son of God” would that bring shame to you, a feeling of doubt, or could you say it with great joy knowing the truth of it? You can look into the eyes of God’s love and see yourself as His son.

God’s sons are real though weak in their flesh. They are not perfect in their obedience, but they are willing to be. Sons learn obedience by persevering through temptations escaping the desire of it. A false son will say “Yes, I will” having no intention to obey while a true son will say “No, I” won’t” yet later will to obey. Children know correction comes to them as a confirmation of who their Father is.

You must see yourself as God’s son to be His son. You must look at Christ Jesus, the Son of God, to be like Him. Behold, look at and focus on, the extravagant love of God. He calls you His son. He is your Father, who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. The world and the love of it are incompatible with you so waste no time or energy trying to fit into it. Get on with your destiny in Christ and let the world bury its own. Creation is waiting for you to be who you be!

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