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True to His Promises

…shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? …let God be true, but every man a liar; (Romans 3:3-4KJV)

God will keep His promise to you, but unbelief will keep you from His promise. May God grant you eyes to see that it is a lie that blocks you from His blessings. The Lord can only give to you what He has. All that God has for you are blessings. He has nothing to offer that is evil; all that He has is yours, through His Son, Jesus Christ. If the spirit of Jesus Christ dwells within you must now align yourself with God’s true way of doing things. If you follow His instructions, you will experience success in every area of life.

Examine yourself; are you a Christian who gives lip service to “believing the Bible” but honestly you do not even know what the Bible teaches? Are you more influenced by your church traditions rather than an abiding trust in God’s word? Reading this article is one thing but studying the scriptures daily with a heart to change your thinking and ways is quite another. The Bible is God’s instruction book. Study it, meditate on it, and expect that God will use that time to speak to you and show you how to make wise choices in life. Your life reflects the choices you make. Do not whine over poor choices but look ahead for God to show you how to take water and turn it into wine.

Child of God the Father says to you, “All that is mine is thine.” If you have not, it is because you have not asked. Ask, and you will receive. But you must ask with pure motives and a believing heart. Have you dishonored God by simply refusing to believe Him? God’s promises proceed out of His divine nature, and He will fulfill all if the divine nature you share in Christ receives them. A hard heart of unbelief cannot take them in nor contain them. But the tender heart of His child will accept with expectation until each one comes to pass.

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