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A New Song and a New Year

Sing to the Lord a new song (Isaiah 42:10 ESV).

The songs we sing tell our story. We draw to songs, which speak to us and make us feel a certain way. I don’t believe you’ll find in the Bible a command to sing old songs. No, in God’s thoughts there are no “oldies but goodies” to sing. Jesus is our redeemer and our re-newer. God proclaims in Revelation 21:5 “Behold, I am making all things new.”

“A new song” is used many times in Scripture, in the Psalms, in Revelation, and in Isaiah. Consistently these songs refer to mighty exploits of God. God is doing something powerful in your life right now do you see it? If you do, you'll sing to the Lord about it making melody in your heart. Recognize and give God the glory for the new people God is bringing into your life. Consider the new insights the Holy Spirit is teaching you and give God the praise for it. Confidently expect the new treasures of friendship that are on the way to you. In Christ, old things pass away, and what you have is a new way of living.

Ask God to give you a New Year in Him. He will make your relationship with Him fresh and alive. Your part is to ditch the little ditty “same song, second verse, could get better, but it's gonna get worse”. A new life depends on a new attitude of life. The Lord doesn’t want to patch up your old life. He desires to give you life, brand new.

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