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Jezebel Is From Hell

And of Jezebel the Lord also said, "The dogs shall eat Jezebel within the walls of Jezreel".

(1 Kings 21:23)

Jezebel, a biblical character, identifies how diabolical Satan is by her treachery and sexual debauchery. She may no longer exist on earth, but unfortunately, her spirit remains. A Phoenician princess and a Baal worshipper she married King Ahab in nine-century B.C. making her a pagan queen of Israel. Ahab easily influenced by her wit and sexual prowess quickly succumbs to her manipulative wiles for his ill-gotten gains. The course of her life, as told in 1 and 2 Kings, makes for an interesting read but far valuable is the insight gained in understanding how this wicked spirit operates today in the lives of people you may know.

The warfare true believers face is not against human beings rather it is against spiritual wickedness in high places. Revelation 2 makes it clear that we cannot tolerate Jezebel in our lives. People who seem to be very spiritual but live a double life, who lie and move in sexual immorality are particularly harmful. If there is someone in your family, who thrives off of drama and is always in the middle of some kind of strife or moral failure be aware of what is behind that behavior. Someone who changes his opinions or his story to play one person or group against another wreaks havoc in the workplace. Manipulative words and actions designed for selfish gain yet done in a secret or “innocent” manner reveal a dark side to the conscious observer. When you confront the person carrying this spirit get ready for a fight. He or she may resist you by “silent treatment”, false accusation, inward or outward rage. Jezebel does not repent, and she hates to hear the word no.

The devil desires to gain access and control over anyone or anything that has the power to change people and territories for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth. Families, churches, schools, and even places of employment can have people in them that operate under the influence of the spirit of Jezebel. These people need the Lord. Pray that their eyes will be open to this spirit so that they can resist it. Pray also that they will repent of the destructive patterns of which they move.

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