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Over Your Head

"And your heaven that is over your head shall be brass, and the earth that is under you shall be iron.."

-Deuteronomy 28:23

What do you do as distress stacks up while God remains unresponsive to your prayers? Do you turn a blind eye to the unending rebellion, bitter offenses, and unrepentant sins in your life that are blocking your prayers? Scripture makes it plain that hardness of heart hinders the Lord from answering your prayers.

When you need something in your life, you must cry out to God. God is your very present help in trouble. But what is the nature of help? Is it similar to the magician’s wand that by one stroke, as you look on in amazement, a rabbit appears out of a hat? No, that is not how the Lord moves. The Bible is not a magic book and prayers are not spells or fairy-tale formulas. The Lord will help you, but He will require that you do your part. When someone helps, you still are very much a part of the work. The Lord helps us by giving us instruction and guidance, but our heart must be tender enough to hear and obey those instructions.

Is the heaven over your head brass, and the earth under your feet like iron? God wants to bless you and your children, but His blessings come strictly from above you. You will never be able to receive anything from heaven if your heart on earth is hard. The condition of your heart influences your atmosphere, whether it will be blessed or cursed. If the allocated airspace above your head is blocking prayers from being answered, it’s because you are walking in disobedience. The wisdom of God is falling from heaven like rain. Is it reaching you? Are you obeying Him or are you still walking in your stubborn opinions and intellect?

Open your heart to God and God’s people. Plow up the hard ground of your heart and uproot bitterness and rebellion and repent from self-destructive habits. Cry out for help and receive it with a willing heart. Then the seeds of faith you are planting on earth will bear the fruit you so desire, as the showers of blessing never stop.

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