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Grace Upon Grace

"For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace"- John 1:16

Where do you want to be in your life five years from now? Do you even consider where you are right now in your life? Some people only look forward to the weekends to party hardy or veg out watching TV. If you do not know where you are in life, how will you ever know where life can take you?

A life wasted is needless. At the beginning of one’s life, hope springs eternal but by the time adulthood rolls in, many have found that their spring has dried up. Sometimes even people who have every advantage lead ineffective lives and find themselves in a cycle of “the same old same old”.

If you surrender your life to Christ and follow Him, you will not waste your life. In Christ, you have access to the fullness of grace to reach hidden potential. God’s grace gives you an unfair advantage in this life. His grace is multi-dimensional. Jesus saves you by grace, but you also can live each day triumphant through grace.

Life begins when you decide to follow Jesus. In Him, you will find a passion and a purpose that will propel you to hurdle one challenge after another. You will change and change again moving from one level of glory to another. Life is going from strength to strength, and grace upon grace makes it happen.


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