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Known by God

"The Lord knows those who are his.. and, Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.” -2 Timothy 2:19

Name-droppers have a deceptive habit of claiming familiarity with well-known people or organizations to impress or sway others for their own personal gain. You could be a name-dropper if you claim to know Jesus and yet He doesn’t know you. People often get the “cart before the horse” in Christian circles. What is crucial is that Christ knows you and not the other way around. The truth is if Jesus knows you, your life will change and reflect that you have indeed been with Jesus.

We do not choose Christ, in fact, He chooses us. Jesus taught that many would say they knew Him at the time of judgment but he would say to them “ I never knew you.” You can get caught up in going to church from generation to generation and have a vetted interest in “your church” and yet not be known by God.

Christ makes the first move. He is the initiator of your faith. He both authors and finishes your faith. When the fullness of time comes, He will show Himself to you and when He does you will change. In fact, you will transform to a higher thinker and a higher being. Your personality will no longer be the same. The inherited weaknesses, your iniquities, passed down through generations will no longer dominate you because of the power of His name in you. You love because you know He first loved you.

Power to be is yours when you know that He knows you.


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